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9 Secrets of Sir Richard Branson for success in Business and Life

Richard Branson inspirational quote

For those who are still thinking or have just begun to follow their dreams, who better than Sir Richard Branson to take your courage and inspiration from.

In this article, we talk about Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson who is one of the boldest, highly courageous, and hands-down the craziest genius of the business world. He is famous for his unconventional life choices, relentless attitude towards entrepreneurship, and foremost contribution to any and every sector of the economy.

This article highlights the 9 secrets that have contributed to the immense success of Sir Richard Branson in both business and life and has made him the man that he is today.

Let’s get started.

Introduction to the life of Sir Richard Branson

As a young boy, Sir Richard Branson was mostly misunderstood because of his incapability to keep up with the academic pressure at school. He had a very hard time trying to stay afloat with studies and it got him bullied. Although Sir Richard Branson had always been keen at bending the rules, he was never afraid of the consequences.

From starting a magazine at the ripe age of 16 to getting expelled from school for his delinquent tendencies to setting up his mail record store and progressing onward to become a business magnate and founder of the Virgin Group, having a net worth of nearly $4.5 billion USD with around 400 companies operating in various fields, Sir Richard Branson is a force to reckon with!

So, here are the 9 secrets of Sir Richard Branson that will help you bring success in your business endeavors and life in general:


Richard Branson inspirational quote

As basic as it sounds, the mantra of not being afraid to aim higher than your potential will push you to achieve and set a benchmark for yourself. Had Sir Richard Branson not dared to dream and take the leap of faith starting Virgin Records, he would’ve just been another face in the crowd.

Virgin Records, that started as a failed venture with its initial idea of delivering records through mail, pushed Sir Richard Branson to start his record store to cover up his failing business. Since the success of that store, he proceeded to launch his own record label company.

Not stopping there, he successfully built an empire and made a name for himself in the music industry, holiday industry, hospitality, airlines, telecommunications, and the list just goes on and on.

People will always question your audacity, but it is ultimately your ability to strive with every ounce of strength you can muster within yourself, is what will set you apart!


Richard Branson inspirational quote

Sir Richard Branson’s “no-slouch” attitude has made him the business mogul he is today. His sheer will and desire to explore the outer space, specifically the moon, gave birth to an entire company called ‘Virgin Galactic’, that is dedicated to making commercial Spacecrafts for space tourism.

If you’re unsatisfied with something or you’re sure that there must exist a better way to do it, do not hesitate and just go out looking for it. Act on it and that too now, right now!


Richard Branson inspirational quote

Sir Richard Branson has had his fair share of failures. It was inevitable considering his way of incorporating the “larger than life” vision into everything that he participated in. Sometimes it backlashed, but it is what he did to salvage the damage is what changed the game totally.

Virgin Express and Virgin Charter, both of which are extensions of the Virgin Group in the aviation sector had to be closed because of the mounting losses. Though these companies did not reach their ultimate goal, Sir Richard Branson recommenced Virgin Atlantic.

The consistency with which one can take hits repeatedly and still have the courage to bounce back is a winning strategy in itself.


Richard Branson inspirational quote

Sir Richard Branson is an epitome of a rebellion in himself. Right from his younger days when he launched his first independent magazine named “Student”, in which he used to criticize the school itself, to starting Virgin Records and signing bands that were boycotted by other already established record labels, Sir Richard Branson set a tone that very much pinpointed the message he wanted to convey: He is not going to stick to the status quo.

He instead chose paths that his competitors wanted nothing to do with. And because of these choices, Virgin Records went on to become the biggest independent label in the world.

Do not be afraid to dive headfirst into unfamiliar territory. Bigger risks will always yield bigger returns!


Richard Branson inspirational quote

Sir Richard Branson is not only famous for his success but is also well known for his art of seeking adventure in life. He has prompted himself to set out on some ground-breaking adventures such as flying in hot air balloons to crossing the Atlantic Ocean and kite surfing across the English Channel.

As per him, it always keeps the heart young and pumping! Adventures are a reminder that we have much more to life than just chasing targets and making money.


Richard Branson inspirational quote

Life is the best teacher. There is always a lesson hidden in the things you do. No matter good or bad, every experience adds to your personality and hence your growth.

Sir Richard Branson has never shied away from learning. Being dyslexic, he has struggled a lot with focus, though he never let it stop him from embarking on projects across various sectors.

Be it filing bankruptcy multiple times or innovating something novel from scratch, Sir Richard Branson has done it all. He has touched the sky, quite literally through his Air balloon escapades, and has fallen nearly to his death in the Irish Sea!

A firm believer of second chances, Sir Richard Branson has promoted the message of staying true to yourself and that every life experience only adds more value to your perspective.


Richard Branson inspirational quote

Come to see it, it is quite baffling to see the rate at which Sir Richard Branson expanded his entire empire. He showed interest in being an entrepreneur from a young age but he never stuck to doing just one thing. He has grabbed every opportunity that presented itself, no matter how difficult it seemed initially.

Sir Richard Branson took it upon himself to pivot in all directions and not limiting his scope. He has branched out from music to aviation, to sports, to automobile without ever fearing the consequences.

Remember, you will never reach an outcome unless you dare to try. Saying no will seize an idea that could have taken the shape of a breakthrough.


Richard Branson inspirational quote

Sir Richard Branson witnessed a handful of tragedies in his personal as well as public life. From nearly getting himself killed in his attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 1987 to the propane spill that happened on board while he was crossing the Pacific Ocean in 1991, it is needless to say that Sir Richard Branson has cheated death on multiple occasions.

One such loss that hit him severely was in the year 1999 when his new gym line was set to launch, but just the night before, the entire premises caught fire.

This did not stop him from rebuilding his dream. Instead of wallowing in sorrow, his entire staff resorted to working together towards damage control.

It is easy to be bogged down in the face of adversities, but what you really should be focusing on is the number of doors it opens for you to strategize again, but this time more cautiously.


Richard Branson inspirational quote

In this constantly changing world that is thoroughly money minded, it cannot be stressed enough that it is of utmost importance to have a support system.

In terms of family, Sir Richard Branson, who has been happily married for 31 years and counting, eloquently describes the importance of family as cherishing the time you spend with them, irrespective of the size of the activities you do together. It is this feeling of togetherness that is irreplaceable.


9 Secrets of Sir Richard Branson for success in Business and Life

An in-depth study of Sir Richard Branson’s life shines some light on how to earn a fortune, but more importantly on how to stay grounded. The definition of success is not exhaustive, it is rather the perfect blend of practicing gratitude, counting your blessings, having fun in what you build, and ultimately deriving satisfaction from the process.

All of this can happen for you too if you’re willing to take that first step.
Right now, right here, is the best time and place to begin.

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