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Should I take this new job ?

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    Riya Satija

    I have a question regarding my job. I am very happy with my current job, the culture is good, the boss is also nice but the only issue is that I am getting the same salary from the last 7 years, there has not been any increment.
    I was recently blessed with a baby. Now, I have got an offer from another company which has a much higher salary than what I am currently getting. However, I have heard from some friends working there that it is very hectic there plus they have 6 days working, instead of 5 days in my current job. Now I am a little confused since i have a baby now and our expenses have also increased. But if i join this new company, I will not be able to give my baby enough time. Please advise me what should I do?

    Kartik Satija

    Hi Neha,
    You are indeed in a tricky situation.

    If it was a normal time and you didn’t have a baby, my advise to you would have been to take up the new job. Every one needs to progress in his/her career and get better compensation. This is what we all aim for right? Career growth.

    There are however a few questions you need to ask yourself and discuss with your spouse first about your new job offer-

    1. How good is the company brand for the new offer you have? Do you think you can get a similar job in the future or it is too good an offer to refuse?
    2. How long is the commute to this new company?
    3. Is the salary hike here more than 30%?
    4. Is it your first baby?
    5. How much help do you have at home for your baby?
    6. How long is the probation period?

    When you join a new job, more often than not, the first few months are quite hectic at work till you get the hang of things. If this your first baby, the first few months are going to be quite difficult at home as well, as you learn to take this responsibility. Also take into consideration that you may need to take unexpected leaves or leave early from the office in the first few months.

    In a new job, which pays you well, there are higher expectations from the employer. And the flexibility you will have will be much lower, since the work is new for you and there is a new team.

    My advise to you will be to discuss these questions with your spouse in detail and then take a balanced decision. There is no right or wrong choice here. It all depends entirely on your personal situation.

    Best wishes,


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