Kartik Satija

Kartik Satija

Hello everyone, my name is Kartik Satija. I am a Computer Science Engineer and an MBA in Marketing by education. After joining the corporate world, I soon realized that in real life, career and business are much more challenging and complex than what the textbooks have taught us over the years.

I have worked in the Corporate for 10 years for different multinational companies and with people of various nationalities. In this time, I have successfully led and grown three different businesses. Two of them I had started from scratch and made them long term profitable and sustainable businesses that are running very well today.

I have had to deal with the same struggles that everyone inevitably goes through daily in their careers and their own businesses. The issues in the corporate and business world are the same that we all face related to our bosses, our colleagues, business partners, employees, salaries, increments, job change, career change, work life balance etc.

The objective of this website is to create a community which can mentor, guide and help each other out when stuck in a specific career or business problem. You can also directly ask me a question here, 100% Free.  I am not perfect and cannot assure you the best solution, however I will do my best to address your problem in as balanced and practical a way as possible. 

If you have an experience to share or a story to tell which can inspire or add value to others, f
eel free to write an article for Seven Bosses. 

We will also be posting several articles on the blog here, covering many aspects of career and business in detail. Feel free to go through them.

We will together build a community which can guide and help anyone who wants to succeed in their careers and  businesses alike. Let us always remember:

“We are only as strong as we are united & as weak as we are divided.” – J.K. Rowling